jeudi 16 juillet 2015

A Midsummer Reading's Incident

To Emma
The Lady vanishes
but the book at her foot at her hand
still upanishades
according to her wishes
She dreams maybe she sleeps
doesn't need any other visual aids
What the Rigveda lavishes
her summer memory tends and keeps
She sees a thing invisible that invades
her garden's interiors by sea and by land
lighting shades, shedding peeps
like a bird newly hatched in all the Inches
of Ireland
Yes, she is
upon the beach of her brains as she wades
into the ocean of stones out of which leaps
a word or even fewer from the ford of liquids phoned on the path, branches lying awake by the bandwidth, beforehand
Close to the broadband Roland penned the image
A role is a role is a part that rolls and stands apart
Rose Bertin provides the hennin
Lee waves her hair and wears a camouflaged kokoshnik drowned in a capotain
the milliner always has preliminaries handy to jump-start
the Marie-Antoinettes mania for tomorrow's message
Liebestraum by Liszt reviews lists of dreams painted by Lenain
Those summer reading's accidents
just between her and herself, with lost hats on,
Lee Miller already (dépassant le canon de sa prophétie, maybe you did)
lived as wondrously enhanced aching precedents
Inside her the water is deepest in the middle of the read
What the gaudy mason petrifies the power of her mind's facticity transforms into thoughts tripping, like a fluid skeleton, the street bones of a new parent brand Paterson

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