mercredi 5 août 2015

A Motorised Country Doctor - The Redeeming fur coat of honour

411_ Happily enough Rosa could escape
the groom's cuddly embrace.
Lovely rubicund, 

rosy-cheeked bright face
 who managed to get me in a split second

another sanguine 
The villagers had stripped me of my clothes,
skinned hectic nearly all things I held mine, 

there I stood naked
fallen prey to a bell, voice in the wilderness,
promised lunch to the walking dead.

Once in hell, am I to take the Hippocratic oath ?
Then the pinkish girl, no more a lonely maid,
stronger an escapee than the infamous Kyd,
carjacked this here Oldsmobile,
200 and fifty-odd horsepower massed under the hood,
turbo-charged as every doctor's carriage should.
It's a good snow day not to die,

through a true damask shimmer, 
let's try to make a pile.
Bagged a hoard of wounds for real,
a flying doc doesn't have,
in immer

neuen Wandlungen, to be poor and sigh,
an I for an eye, the young man's slit record we need to file.

_ Suturons son cas, refermons la plaie
et dételons l'appli (ce whiteout morave devient purpura plus qu'il n'y paraît),
 et pensons à notre carrière,
me dit Rosa avant de s'endormir sur la banquette arrière.

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