When in tourism

...do as the tourists do.

__In Birobidzhan, do as the Bira and the Bidzhan do, don't flee towards the ocean, just flow in the face of the new dawn's red roman glow.
__In Nantes do as the Namnetes do, dive in the Erdre and the Sèvre, let's get infilled, and like an ant, bury yourself in a febrile bowl of dust made of bone china porcelain from Sèvres. Be a soft-paste in the Venice of the west, just stay nerd when you move your lèvres.
__In Flesquières do as the Flesquierois do, dig out your Deborah tank and wrap yourself up into its Mark IV female make. Caress her envelope, then take her place, hatch hope's eggs and wait for a new deal of fresh flesh around your face, there, in the peat bog, your chinese emperor's own tourbière of a forgotten fog.